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Clinical Specialist MRI Radiographer

  • Location: UPMC Aut Even Hospital
  • Job ID: MRIRADA001
  • Department: Radiology
  • Job Post Close Date: 14 August, 2022


. To carry out appropriate MRI scanning, as requested by clinicians, whilst using relevant clinical information to modify routine procedures when required.
. Triage, organise, plan and protocol individual MRI referrals for scanning from Clinicians prioritising according to Clinical need from the clinical information given.
. Advising Clinicians, GPs and other Healthcare professionals of alternative appropriate examinations when required.
. To allocate MRI appointment slots ensuring the correct preparation for the investigation is given to the patient.
. Explain to patients, relatives, carers, medical personnel and other members of the multidisciplinary team the nature of highly complex scanning procedures, any contraindications and complications.
. To evaluate MRI Safety Questionnaire to maintain the safety of both the patient an / or escorts.
. Request & undertake X-rays of any areas of the body, in conjunction with Radiologist, that may have foreign objects contraindicating a scan. Evaluate the resultant X-rays before making the decision to proceed or not with the scan.
. Evaluate scans using knowledge of pathology to decide if further sequences are required and/or the need for contrast media.
. Prescribe, dispense and administer intravenous contrast media (after consultation with Radiologist). Explain to the patient the need for the injection; assess the patient’s suitability by checking for any contraindications or allergies. Then administer the I.V. injection only when informed patient consent has been obtained.
. Monitor patient conditions to ensure any adverse reactions are recognised and dealt with promptly and appropriately. 
. Research and review protocols using evidence based practice and liaise with Radiologist.
. To undertake and participate in Clinical Audit.
. Monitor and ensure stock levels are maintained.
. To maintain accurate equipment records, supervise and advise on the maintenance and repair of equipment assessing urgency of repair and re-arranging workload accordingly.
. Use constant vigilance regarding The MRI Scanner Room and ‘Controlled Area’ whilst ensuring only appropriate staff/patients are allowed into these areas.

Qualifications and Experience:

. BSc Diagnostic Radiography.
. CORU Registered.
. An MRI post graduate qualification is desirable.
. A minimum  of 2 years previous MRI experience is essential.
. Experience in hospital environment is desirable.

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