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Medical Healthcare Records

Your Healthcare Record

This information tells you how to get a copy of your medical records from UPMC Aut Even Hospital, UPMC Kildare Hospital, or UPMC Whitfield Hospital.

If you want a copy of your own medical records, please send your request in writing to the relevant address below:

UPMC Aut Even Hospital
Medical Records Department
Freshford Road, Kilkenny
By e-mail to:

UPMC Kildare Hospital
Medical Records Department
Prosperous Road, Clane, Kildare
By e-mail to:

UPMC Whitfield Hospital
Medical Records Department
Cork Road, Waterford
By e-mail to:

UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic
The Data Protection Officer
Santry Demense
Dublin 9
By email to:

Your request should contain the following:

  • Your name at the time you were a patient (if it differs from your present name)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your address at the time of treatment
  • Details of the information you are looking for (for example: records during a date range or requesting a copy of x-rays)
  • Your present home address and telephone contact details
  • A photocopy of photo ID – either your passport or your driving licence. Please note that your ID must match the name on the records you are seeking, otherwise we may require you to provide us with further details
  • Any additional information that you feel is important to your request


If you intend to change addresses before your records are ready, you must ensure that we have up-to-date contact details for you, including a phone number so that we can contact you as we process your request.

Allowing somebody else to access your records

There may be times when you want somebody else to access your records, for example, your GP, consultant, or a family member.

  • We will only give your records to someone else when we have your consent to do so.
  • We must also receive a letter signed by you, stating that you give your consent to the release of the records.
  • We will also need a copy of your passport or driving licence.
  • We may contact you about the request to release your records.


There is no fee for requesting your medical records unless the cost of doing so is substantial.

How long will the request take?

We aim to have your records ready for you within 30 days of us receiving your request for records.

How will I get the records?

Medical records will be sent to you by registered post. Any records undelivered by registered post will return to us if uncollected within the stated timeframe. We will require a further postage payment to resend your records. Records cannot be e-mailed or collected in person.

Personal Data Processing Privacy Notice

This notice describes how UPMC collects and processes your personal data, including sensitive health data.

At UPMC we take your privacy very seriously. It is important that you know exactly what we do with Personal and Sensitive Personal Information (“Personal Data") that you and others provide to us, why we gather it, and what it means to you.

In order to treat you, we will need to store data about you, process it, and if required, may send it to other healthcare professionals. You have the right to know about your Personal Data that is on our system and the purpose(s) for which it's used.

We will process, protect, and respect all Personal Data about you under national and EU data protection legislation. To lawfully process your Personal Data, we legally need to obtain and record explicit consent from you.

In the course of your treatment or utilisation of the healthcare services of UPMC, your Personal Data relating to you and/or your next of kin/legal representative for emergency contact, may be processed by the health and administrative staff of UPMC.

IT Data Processors and third parties who provide services to UPMC (such as, professionals, consultants, external laboratories, insurers, etc.), may also access your data.

Such processing of Personal Data may include its collection, recording, retrieval, use, retention, and disposal/destruction.

Personal Data may include:

  • Birthdate
  • Address
  • Nationality
  • Sex
  • Contact information
  • Medical information
  • Medication
  • Medical history
  • Health insurance details
  • Religious affiliation (where relevant)

Also any other information which is relevant for the purpose of your diagnoses, treatment, and/or availing of healthcare services in the hospital.

Your Personal/Sensitive data will be stored and processed securely on IT systems owned and managed by us within our premises or in secure cloud-hosted data centres within the EU.

As data controllers, we may use third-party data processors to assist us in processing the data. They are subject to the same professional codes of conduct, national laws, and EU data protection legislation as well as binding contracts.

UPMC will keep your data as prescribed by the law, or as long as necessary for the purpose of maintaining your medical records and to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

Why is My Data Processed?

  1. In Order for You to Receive Care: We collect personal data so that you can receive the necessary healthcare treatment, and for related administrative and accounting communications and financial obligations.

    This is an essential part of the preparation of treatment and may also include contact from the pre-operative assessment nurses (where necessary) or other communications regarding dates of upcoming appointments and/or to receive surgery/ treatment preparation instructions.

    Your anonymous data is also used for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of healthcare provided such as appropriateness and quality of care, and risk factors for health.

  2. To Receive Information/Marketing Material: You need to consent to the processing of your data, so that you can receive information or other marketing material from UPMC (via email, post, or SMS).

    Refusing to give consent to receiving such information will not affect your ability to receive treatment at UPMC.

  3. For Research: You need to consent to the processing of your data (collected within clinical practice and de-identified by removal of your name) for research conducted by UPMC. Refusing to give consent to the processing of your data for research purposes will not affect your ability to receive treatment at UPMC.

You have the right to revoke your consent and to request access to your data collected by UPMC.

To ascertain whether the data are accurate, complete, up-to-date, and to exercise other rights under European law (including the right to know who has access to your healthcare data) please contact UPMC's Data Protection Officer at

Further Information

View your rights under the General Data Protection Regulations (2018).

You may consult Data Protection Officers at the following emails:

You may ask the hospital staff to explain your rights or refer you to someone who can explain them as they relate to your Personal Data as defined by the data privacy act.

What Are My Rights According to the Law?

The Data Protection Commissioner ensures you have the right to:

  • Have your data used in line with the data protection regulations.
  • Receive confirmation that the facility holds your personal data and why.
  • Access your personal details.
  • Know if personal details are being held.
  • Change or remove your details.
  • Prevent use of your personal details.
  • Remove your details from a direct marketing list.
  • Object to the use of your details and opt it to receive any marketing materials
  • Refuse direct marketing calls or post.
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