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Operations and Administration

CSSD/Endoscopy Decontamination Lead

  • Location: UPMC Kildare Hospital
  • Job ID: CSSDEDLK001
  • Department: CSSD / Endoscopy
  • Reports to: Theatre Manager
  • Job Post Close Date: 09 October, 2022


The post holder will be responsible for the provision of a decontamination service to all clinical areas within the hospital. They will be accountable for the performance of staff and the quality of product in the department. They will develop and implement a quality management system in line with current legislation. The post holder must demonstrate a hand-on management style to lead the CSSD service in UPMC Kildare.


. Establish and maintain good communication with all users of the service and promote good working relations.
. Establish systems of work and production, which ensures the quality of product in line with best practices, infection control policies and general safety of the service. 
. In conjunction with appropriate hospital personnel, establish quality control systems for the various processes including daily checks. 
. Work with relevant departments to ensure systems are in place for the validation, maintenance and care of equipment in line with current guidelines
. Identify key performance indicators and provide monthly reports to Senior Management. 
. Contribute to all aspects of audit in respect of standards, resource planning and workforce planning. 
. Plan, organise and implement the daily flow of work in CSSD, ensuring the delivery of an effective service by efficient allocation of staffing duties and roster management. 
. Be proficient with the operation of the washing and sterilising functions of the department. 
. Oversee, in co-operation with the relevant departments, the decontamination of loan instruments and their decontamination records. 
. Contribute to cost containment measures and the management of pay and non-pay budgets to ensure that resources are deployed efficiently and effectively and within budget. 
. Ensure that all equipment is operated and maintained to the required standard.
. Ensure that the department policies and practice comply with legislation and current best practice guidelines in the delivery of its service. 

Qualifications and Experience:

Essential Requirements: 

The Post holder must hold the following to fulfil the requirements of this post:

. Must possess a relevant Decontamination qualification.
. Must have 3+ years experience in a sterile services area.
. Preferably must have 2+ years people management experience.
. Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office
. Excellent people management and organisation skills.
. The ability to motivate and delegate effectively.

A $24 billion healthcare provider and insurer, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based UPMC is inventing new models of patient-centred, cost-effective, accountable care. Working in close collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences, UPMC shares its clinical, managerial and technological skills worldwide through its innovation and commercialisation arm, UPMC Enterprises, and through UPMC International. 
Providing high-quality healthcare in the South East since 2006, UPMC’s operations in Ireland now include UPMC Whitfield Hospital in Waterford, UPMC Kildare Hospital in Clane and UPMC Aut Even Hospital in Kilkenny. Outpatient care is available at the UPMC Carlow Outreach Centre, UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre radiotherapy locations at UPMC Whitfield and in Cork, the UPMC Sports Medicine Clinic at WIT Arena and the UPMC Concussion Network. UPMC is the Official Healthcare Partner of the GAA and GPA. 

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