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Dr. Suhail Ahmed

Image of Dr. Suhail.
  • Medical Admissions
  • Endocrinology
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  • Denise
  • Tel: 056 7775102
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  • UPMC Aut Even Hospital

MBBS, BSc (Hons), MRCPI, Msc, in Endocrine and Diabetes, SCE

Professional Profile

Dr. Ahmed is one of the lead physicians in UPMC Aut Even Hospital’s Medical Admissions service. He also provides outpatient care, and inpatient consultations, for patients with general medicine and endocrine disorders, including diabetes.

Graduating with a MBBS in Medicine and Surgery from LUMHS in Pakistan, Dr. Ahmed earned his Masters in endocrinology and diabetes from Cardiff University in the UK and obtained his clinical membership in general medicine from the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (MRCP). Dr. Ahmed has extensive experience in managing acute, clinical, and chronic medical conditions in both Ireland and the UK, treating patients of all ages. In his previous role within East Sussex Healthcare, NHS Trust, he managed ward rounds with general medicine patients and specialised clinics for patients with various types of endocrine disorders and diabetes. Dr. Suhail also participated actively in multi-disciplinary meetings and has worked in a specialist setting, treating patients with various types of endocrine disorders and diabetes.

Please note that all medical admissions for Dr. Ahmed should be made via UPMC Aut Even Hospital's Bed Manager.

Special Interests:

His special interests include endocrine sub-specialties and diabetes, such as sodium, calcium, bones, thyroid, adrenals, hypogonadism, hyperandrogenism, pituitary-related disease, incidental adenomas, and diabetes complications.