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UPMC Kildare Patients and Visitors

UPMC Kildare Patients and Visitors

At UPMC Kildare Hospital, delivering high-quality, patient-centred care and services are our top priorities.

For Patients of UPMC Kildare Hospital

Find all you need to know about your upcoming stay at UPMC Kildare Hospital.

For Visitors to UPMC Kildare Hospital

Find what you need to know about visiting patients in UPMC Kildare Hospital, including:

  • What hours you can visit.
  • Where to park.
  • What amenities we have at UPMC Kildare Hospital.

Accommodations at UPMC Kildare Hospital

We've designed our rooms with patients' comfort in mind, to make their stay with us a pleasant one. Each patient room has a TV and free Wi-Fi.

Patient Relations at UPMC Kildare Hospital

We promise to handle all personal details in confidence and without prejudice. We will issue a written response to every written enquiry, pass on any praise to relevant staff, and evaluate all suggestions.

Patient Rights at UPMC Kildare Hospital

It's vital that you know what you can expect from us and what we ask of you. It's of equal importance that if you're not happy, we guide you on how to bring your concerns to our attention.

Find out more about your rights, your data, and our compliance to GDPR.

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UPMC Kildare Hospital

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