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Don’t Let Heart Disease Sneak Up On You

Don’t Let Heart Disease Sneak Up On You.

1 September 2021 – UPMC today announced the establishment of the UPMC Cardiac Disease Management Clinic in UPMC Whitfield Hospital that will serve patients across the South East. The aim of the clinic is to prevent, detect and treat cardiac issues at a much earlier stage, with the hope that more serious cardiac illnesses can be managed or eliminated because of early intervention.

“Heart disease is the most common cause of death in Ireland, and, on average, 6,000 people have heart attacks in Ireland each year,” said Gwen Daniels, chief nursing officer and general manager, UPMC Whitfield Hospital in Waterford. “We can change that if patients look after their heart health earlier.”

The clinic will use advanced technology to provide a thorough heart disease risk assessment. The findings will be reviewed by a cardiac disease management nurse specialist. A report outlining the findings and treatment recommendations will be shared with the patient and sent to a consultant cardiologist for review. The team will work with each individual to provide the appropriate level of care.

For further information on the UPMC Cardiac Disease Management Clinic, please contact 051-337421 or visit Patients can self-refer to UPMC directly or ask their general practitioner for a referral. It is important to note that this is an assessment clinic only. Should you require emergency care for chest pain or any other symptom, dial 999 or visit an accident and emergency department.