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Gender Pay Gap Statement

UPMC in Ireland are currently finalising our Gender Pay Gap Report.

The Gender Pay Gap is the difference in the average hourly wage of men and women across a workforce. It compares the pay of all working men and all working women; not just those in same jobs, with the same working patterns or the same competencies, qualifications or experience.

At UPMC in Ireland, we understand that measurement and reporting tend to be key drivers of change and along with our report, we are committed to bringing forward an action plan that addresses any differences that may arise. To achieve real and lasting change will take time as the gender pay gap is a product of several decisions and actions that led to this particular outcome. However, the gender pay gap figure is purely the starting point for us.

We have chosen a snapshot date of 30 June 2022 to report on, and we are committed to publishing our report in the coming weeks.