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UPMC and the GPA Launch a Priority Access to Care Pathway for Inter-County Players

UPMC and the GPA Launch a Priority Access to Care Pathway for Inter-County Players

UPMC recently announced its latest partnership with the Gaelic Players Association (GPA) to launch a Priority Access to Care Pathway, enhancing the support system for inter-county players across Ireland. 

The partnership ensures that inter-county players receive priority access for key diagnostics and treatment services following an injury.

With this pathway, inter-country players will have priority access to UPMC Sports Medicine services and clinical specialists. This programme is designed to be user-friendly, allowing players to engage with a dedicated GPA point of contact, who then will efficiently liaise with UPMC clinicians and organise care.

Colm Begley, GPA Welfare and Engagement Manager, said “When a player suffers an injury, the last thing that they should have to worry about is getting access to the appropriate facilities to allow the correct diagnosis to be made. Unfortunately, this happens more often than Gaelic games supporters might think. We have identified it as an issue for our members and, working with our partners at UPMC, have taken the steps necessary to rectify the problem.”

“Now all male and female inter-county players, no matter what county and code they represent, will be able to avail of this service and remove a potential barrier to them getting the best treatment available. This will not lessen the impact of any injury, but it will give players peace of mind in knowing they don’t have to worry about where or when they can get much needed scans.”

John Windle, general manager of UPMC Sports Medicine, said: “We are proud to announce this partnership, which underscores our commitment to the well-being of athletes and our dedication to providing best-in-class medical attention, diagnostics, and care following injuries. Through this pathway, we aim to support inter-county players in their journey to recovery, ensuring they have swift access to the best medical resources available and UPMC is delighted to be part of their continued success on and off the field.”

UPMC is the Official Healthcare Partner of the GAA/GPA.