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UPMC and Agriland Media Group Team Up to Launch Farmers Series

Mind Yourself Video Series for Farmers

23 October 2023 - UPMC is delighted to collaborate with Agriland Media Group on the 'Mind Yourself' series which will use videos and blogs to help improve the orthopaedic health of farmers across Ireland. Farming demands physical resilience, and this series aims to provide practical insights and strategies for farmers to enhance their orthopaedic well-being, mobility, and overall health.

The series will introduce viewers to farmers across Ireland who share their experiences and to UPMC orthopaedic experts who will offer advice on how to manage the aches and pains of farming and maximise movement and strength.

Kalen O'Donahue, a senior physiotherapist at UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic and video participant, notes, "Farming is a physically demanding occupation, encompassing heavy lifting, repetitive motions, and prolonged periods of bending and standing. Over time, these activities can result in orthopaedic issues affecting joints, muscles, bones, and overall mobility." O'Donahue further explains that farmers often endure conditions like lower back pain, shoulder problems, knee injuries, joint inflammation, and repetitive strain for far longer than necessary.

UPMC’s physiotherapy team and orthopaedic consultants are adept at working with farmers to create tailored treatment plans. These plans can include exercises, manual therapy, and lifestyle adjustments designed to fit within a farmer's schedule and lifestyle. UPMC’s approach for all patients, including farmers, who are dealing with orthopaedic issues is to firstly offer practical solutions that improve movement and reduce pain and take conservative approaches to addressing issues prior to advancing to surgical solutions.

To stay updated on the 'Mind Yourself' series, visit the "Mind Yourself" webpage.