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GAA/GPA and Other Sports Partnerships

Supporting athletes, sports teams, and organisations across Ireland

UPMC GAA GPA Official Healthcare PartnerUPMC is proud to be the official healthcare partner of the GAA and the GPA.

Local GAA Partnerships

UPMC Sports Medicine is the Official Healthcare Partner locally to inter- county teams across Leinster. This partnership agreement means that UPMC, which offers trusted, high-quality health services at UPMC Whitfield Hospital and the UPMC Sports Medicine Clinic in Waterford, UPMC Aut Even Hospital in Kilkenny, UPMC Kildare Hospital, and other facilities across Ireland, will work with these counties to offer inter- county players top-class care and attention in sports injury and preventative care.

UPMC is recognised globally as a leader in sports medicine, rehabilitation, and orthopaedics and is delighted to be working to find innovative ways to support the well-being of GAA players on and off the field. Partnerships include but are not limited to:

Providing Priority Access to Diagnostics

In 2023, UPMC and the Gaelic Players Association (GPA) launched a Priority Access to Care Pathway, enhancing the support system for inter- county players across Ireland.

The partnership ensures that inter-county players receive priority access to key diagnostics and treatment services following an injury.

With this pathway, inter-country players have priority access to UPMC Sports Medicine services and clinical specialists. This programme is designed to be user-friendly, allowing players to engage with a dedicated GPA point of contact, who then will efficiently liaise with UPMC clinicians and organise care.

Providing Concussion Testing to GAA and GPA

UPMC has joined with the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) and Gaelic Players Association (GPA) to introduce a pilot programme on concussion baseline testing.

The goal of the programme is to rapidly diagnose and treat concussion in players.

The initiative began in June 2021 and will continue throughout the 2023/2024 championships. It covers football, hurling and camogie. Players participate equally across all codes, including inter-county teams from across the country.

Munster Rugby

UPMC Sports Medicine is the official Sports Medicine Supplier to Munster Rugby. The partnership agreement means that UPMC works with Munster Rugby to offer players high-quality access to care and attention in sports injury and rehabilitative treatments.

UPMC Ambassador Phil Healy

Irish international sprinter, Phil Healy, is a UPMC Ambassador. UPMC had previously sponsored Phil as the UPMC Elite Sport Scholar for the Waterford Institute of Technology.

We are proud to partner with her and look forward to working with her as she continues to compete and represent Ireland on the international stage.

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