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UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic – Dublin

UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic

Located in Santry, Dublin 9, UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic (SSC) is the leading private orthopaedic hospital in Ireland. It is highly regarded as the destination for orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine among athletes, laborers, farmers, and anyone who wants to get back to doing what they love.  We are committed to providing:

  • Access to the right consultants
  • Access to required investigations
  • Preoperative care of the highest quality
  • State of the art operating theatres and diagnostics
  • Personalised rehabilitation to maximise surgical outcome

UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic has 27 consultant rooms, 91 inpatient beds, and 20 day-case beds. Patient comfort is at the heart of our service, with every room having its own ensuite bathroom and bedside entertainment system with internet, telephone, TV, sports, and movies.

Patient Information at UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic

If you are planning to attend UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic, please review our inpatient booklet which outlines what you can expect from us, guidelines for your stay, directions, financial information, and much more.

Download the UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic Inpatient Handbook (PDF)

Departments and Specialties at UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic

UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic is a centre of excellence in joint replacement (hip, knee, shoulder) and sports soft tissue surgery. We specialize in orthopaedic surgery and offer a comprehensive range of medical and surgical procedures. Some of our key services include:

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At UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic, we have more than 40 consultants in orthopaedic surgery and allied specialties supported by a team of highly specialised nurses, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals. Our Sports and Exercise Medicine Physicians are registered on the Irish Medical Council's Specialist Register. With deep expertise in musculoskeletal and orthopaedic medicine, they provide clinical and medicolegal guidance to legal professionals and patients dealing with sports or occupational injuries.

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