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Concussion Network Access Area

The UPMC Concussion Network is changing concussion treatment in Ireland. Education and easy-access pathways to standardised, evidence-based concussion testing and treatment can help people recover safely.

Our Concussion Services

Our team provides a personalised plan for diagnosing, managing, and treating concussions. We also provide our patients with resources and learning tools.

Regardless of your age or whether or not you are an athlete, our team is here to care for you and help get you back to the activities you love.

As part of our process, we will conduct baseline and post-concussion ImPACT® testing — a tool concussion experts at UPMC helped pioneer.

ImPACT® baseline testing measures your brain function in a normal, healthy state — before a concussion. If an injury occurs, specialists compare post-injury testing to the baseline results.

Comparing tests to the baseline allows your care team to diagnose and assess a concussion as well as design a tailored treatment plan. We actively manage your care from the time of injury through return to play or resumption of normal activities.

Book an online baseline test by contacting the UPMC Concussion Network:

Phone: 051-376827


Learn More About Concussion

Understanding the signs and symptoms of a concussion can help athletes recognise their injury and get help earlier.

Concussion awareness

Concussion awareness and education can reduce your risk and help you manage the injury if you are diagnosed with a concussion. You can take steps to prevent concussions.

Being able to recognize the signs of a suspected concussion allows you to get help early.

Concussion management and care

Concussions are treatable. Access to treatment from the UPMC Concussion Network is available throughout Ireland.

You can talk to your GP about a referral to the UPMC Concussion Network or make an enquiry with our team.

Understand the importance of concussion baseline testing

ImPACT® testing can help healthcare providers diagnose a concussion, develop a treatment plan, and determine recovery.

Take the first step today and complete your ImPACT® Test.

As a parent, you want to keep your kids safe but sometimes it's not possible to eliminate all risk for your child in sports or in daily life. But, strategies can reduce your child's risk of a concussion through better awareness and treatment options.

Recognise and educate

Concussion awareness can reduce your child's risk of getting a concussion and help you know where to go for help if an injury does occur.

Knowing the signs and symptoms can help you recognise an injury, seek treatment, and help your child have a good chance for recovery.

Management and care

Concussions are treatable. The UPMC Concussion Network Ireland provides complete concussion care nationwide for children of all ages.

You can also book an Online Baseline Test for your child by emailing

One of the primary responsibilities of a sports coach is to help keep the athletes and players safe.

While it's not possible to eliminate all concussions in sports, the key is to knowing the signs, pulling them out of action, and helping to direct them to care.

Concussion training sessions for coaches

Understanding concussion and making sure that athletes avoid unsafe actions are key to reducing concussion risk.

Our education sessions help team members recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion and what to do if an injury occurs.

Take a proactive approach to concussion care

Educate yourself on your sports concussion guidelines and protocols. Understanding the injury can help you and your athletes better manage suspected concussion injuries.

Get support

The UPMC Concussion Network provides national access to concussion experts. Our team will assist in getting the proper treatment for your players.

We're here to support you in concussion management as a coach.

Referral Information for GPs and Paediatricians

The UPMC Concussion Network can act as an extension of your practice. Our network provides accessible, post-concussion care that can help your patients safely return to school, work, and play.

The UPMC Concussion Network also can receive Healthlink e-referrals from GPs.

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