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Concussion Network Resources

The UPMC Concussion Network supports safe and healthy recovery by educating patients, family, and medical practitioners on this complex injury.

Patient Resources

As a patient with the internationally recognised UPMC Concussion Network, you'll have access to our online health library.

When diagnosed with a head injury, you can turn to these free resources to help you recover.

These include:

Clinical Resources

UPMC's internationally recognised Concussion Management Programme is the foundation for developing consensus-driven and evidence-based treatment pathways in Ireland.

We do this by standardising treatment within a coalition of healthcare providers while creating strong public awareness that concussions, when properly managed, are treatable injuries.

Through UPMC Physician Resources, our dedicated portal for medical professionals, we offer a variety of concussion-related resources. Topics include:

Advances in the Current Management and Treatment of Concussion

Role of Psychiatrist in Concussion Management

Management of Sports-Related Mild Brain Injury

Exertion Therapy

Active Management of Ocular Problems Following Concussion

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UPMC Concussion Network

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