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Concussion Network Research

What is the UPMC Concussion Programme?

The UPMC Concussion Programme in Ireland collaborates with the UPMC Concussion Network. The Network produces and takes part in groundbreaking and pioneering studies. Evidence-based research guides our approach to concussion management. Our treatment, rehabilitation, and education are also based on the latest evidence.

We publish our research in highly-respected, peer-reviewed medical journals and other scientific publications.

The UPMC Concussion Programme is a vital resource within the UPMC Concussion Network. The Programme is the basis for developing evidence-based treatment pathways in Ireland. We base the Programme on expert consensus to help guide these pathways.

The UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Programme is the world's foremost concussion research programme. The Concussion Programme provides expert care in 10 counties in Ireland.

What is the UPMC Concussion Network?

The UPMC Concussion Network educates medical professionals, patients and their families. We support the best recovery for you. Our experts understand the complex nuances of concussion.

The Network provides easy-to-access diagnosis for patients of all ages, including children. Our specialised treatments make a difference, from diagnosis to recovery. Our facilities, experts and testing equipment are second to none.

UMPC Concussion Research

Our research is published in some of the world's most respected medical journals. We publish more than 40 innovative research papers each year. Our research helps to advance concussion care for everybody.

Our world-class research has been advancing concussion care for more than 20 years.

The Importance of Concussion Research

Awareness of concussion has increased in recent years. This is evident in changes to the concussion protocols of several sports. Research forms the backbone of treatment advances. It is vital to guide treatment and improve patient care and outcomes.

UPMC is dedicated to continued high-quality research into concussion. Our researchers help to drive concussion care forward. This adds up to better diagnosis, treatment and recovery for our patients.

Recent Concussion Research

Our concussion research is always evolving. This means new findings on different aspects of concussion. A 2023 study in Int J Environ Res Public Health examined emotional dysregulation after concussion. The authors found that specialised imaging can be effective in monitoring treatment response. These findings will help in assessing emotional dysregulation in adolescents with this injury.

A 2022 article in Sports Medicine noted the importance of a multidisciplinary team. At UPMC, our doctors and therapists work as a team to turn research into better patient care.

Research into Medicine for Concussion

Recent research into medicine for concussion has shown the need for targeted therapies. This means matching the right medicine to the right patient. We know everybody is different and may respond to therapies in different ways.

Ongoing research into medical therapies for sports concussion is vital. For example, one of our most recent studies by Leahy (Brain Injury) focused on concussion in ladies' Gaelic football. The researchers advocate for better education in concussion. They also recommend an improved referral pathway in this area of sport.

How Has Research Improved the Treatment of Concussion?

Ongoing concussion research informs better results in patient care. We use this research to improve our testing and assessment procedures.

We translate our research from the lab to the clinic. This allows us to target our treatments and create the best strategies for you.

High-quality research also helps to drive awareness of concussion. This benefits both the medical profession and the public. Our research helps to raise the standard of patient care.

The Future of Concussion Research

The future is bright for concussion research. Greater awareness of the condition means better research, which leads to better outcomes.

Ongoing research will help us to better understand all aspects of concussion. This will include the physical, emotional and psychological factors of this injury.

As concussion research evolves, it expands into different areas. This includes post-injury anxiety in adolescents with concussion. The future of concussion care will focus on a holistic approach. It will also create a better understanding the clinical complexities of concussion.

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